Baby yoga begins…with Kalma Baby

Children's Yoga

Kalma Baby offers the very best baby yoga, toddler yoga, junior yoga, developmental massage and Mindfulness classes. Our sessions ‘make development fun with unique benefits for young bodies and minds’. A beautiful world of therapies await your child which are most of all devoted to aiding their development.

Baby yoga to childrens yoga

In addition to our Baby yoga classes, we also offer toddler yoga to follow on. Sessions are structured to focus on a different developmental theme each week, which incorporates music, song and sensory props. This is especially relevant as we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and Special Educational Needs guidelines. Furthermore sessions are split age appropriately. Due to focus firmly on our children it ensures they reap the benefits from our wonderful therapies. Junior sessions empower and inspire confidence in our children. Yoga for children is becoming more popular as much as an everyday hobby. A way to help children become more comfortable and confident in their own bodies. As a result of a child who learns yoga, relaxation and mindfulness they develop essential skills for a lifetime of health of well-being. Sessions are delivered in a safe and stimulating environment, where we create a non competitive place for children to express themselves.


Our Ethos

Kalma Yoga EthosWe pride ourselves in delivering the highest standards from our baby yoga classes to our childrens yoga. Parents and children can also expect to have a wonderful experience. Our awards are most noteworthy Winners ‘ Best physical or sporting activity in the UK 2019  in ‘What’s on 4 kids awards’ 2018 and Winners best local baby activity for under 5’s. Classes are now throughout the North East, North, Somerset and St Albans and Harpenden. What are you waiting for…come along and see for yourself and reap the benefits of our popular baby yoga and toddler classes. All of our teachers are fully qualified, also hold enhanced current DBSs’, carry pediatric first aid certificates and safe guarding level one.

Baby massage inspired by baby yoga

Since launching our Developmental Massage classes they have been inspired along by our baby yoga classes. While parents get to bond with children they consequently learn the art of communication through touch and therefore speak their babies’ language. What is especially relevant to the sessions of Massage we teach, is how to help aid against common infant ailments, strengthen and stimulate muscles and also relax your child. In addition our Massage sessions also have a unique twist in which we teach developmental techniques, as a result they help sitting and standing. A structured program that introduces elements of baby yoga, we offer family sessions which can also be in the comfort of your own home as well as joining one of our friendly groups.