Benefits of Downward Facing Dog or adho mukha svanasana

I’m a big fan of this simple stretch and a downward dog a day keeps the doctor away…so they say! Named after mama best friend if your a beginner this stretch can be picked up and is one that’s easy to try but it also is one which you must learn correctly to get the most benefits. In a Downward Dog it strengthens and lengthens every muscle while energising. Whilst reversing the. Looks flow and bringing it to the brain for a detoxification it can also help work out any kinks you may have.

1. Strengthens the Arms and Shoulders

Try to rotate the upper arms to create space around the head and neck when in the posture and rotate your inner elbows towards each other. Don’t lock the elbows! Press your hands firmly into the mat, especially in the thumb and forefinger region. Down Dog is also good for the wrists and can help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

2. Tones the Core and Waist

It’s a great posture to strengthen and tone your abs! You actively engaging your core region in Down Dog. Draw in your lower abs and upwards while lengthening through the sides of your waist. You get s chance to engage the pelvic floor muscles by drawing a line up from the base of your spine which lengthens through the crown of the head.

3. Lengthens the Hamstrings and Calves

Down Dog creates a great stretch in the back of the body, mainly in the hamstrings and the calves. If you feel stiff and tight, just keep your knees bent and you will still feel the stretch in the back of the thighs. It will strengthen the legs and lengthen them. Engage your quadriceps actively to open the hamstrings. Lengthen the heels to the floor as you lift your hips towards the ceiling.

4. Brings fresh Blood Flow to the Brain

It’s a great inversion and good for beginners. When you have your head below your heart, you will bring fresh blood flow to the brain.
Thus creating energy and helping you focus. Let your head hang long, as it helps release any tension in the neck. Practice this in the morning to wake up or at any point of the day to get a breath of fresh air and recharge your batteries.

5. Stretches and Strengthens the Back and spine

The posture can really help care for the back and the body in lots of ways. Creating length in the back of the body is such an incredible feeling! When the lengthen and stretch the spine, you bring more oxygen in to the body. It will help create a stronger, longer backbone and spine as well as more strength in the entire back body as you practice this pose.

So a practice a down dog a day beginners and all yoga practitioners to help make you longer, taller, stronger, happier, more flexible, and energised!