Helping your child’s vestibular system!

In a typical Kalma Baby class the vestibular system is one which we talk of so often and its importance to a child’s development. For those you unfamiliar with the vestibular system it’s all about balance and movement and is located within the inner ear.  Each of us has vestibular organs located deep inside our ears. When we move our heads, the fluid in these organs moves and shifts, constantly providing us with information about the position of our heads and bodies in space (spatial awareness).

This sense allows us to maintain our balance and to experience gravitational security: confidence that we can maintain a position without falling.  We do so many yoga movement with of children in Kalma Baby, Kalma toddler and Kalma junior classes to help just this. It allows us to move smoothly and efficiently whilst it works right alongside our other sensory systems, helping us use our eyes effectively and process sounds in our environment.

The system helps us feel confident moving and interacting with our surroundings which is great in the development of children. Anyone with a vestibular disorder will find it affects the physically mentally and emotionally, so it’s important to help its development.

One of our favourite yoga activities in Kalma Baby classes is our Lycra swinging which works the vestibular system. If your a regular to classes then you’ll remember how well little Ines love this and we move to blanket swings in Kalma toddler yoga classes. Learn more about classes at