Kalma Mamas Positive Pregnancy and Birthing Affirmation

Affirmations are like positive bits of self talk to ones self, a bit like a pep talk to make you believe you have the ability to do it. Simply put, an affirmation is a declaration that something is true. When a person repeats positive affirmations daily, over time, they can be referred to as a practice or daily prayer with intention of a positive outcome. Affirmations can help to lessen fears and anxiety by shifting negative thoughts to positive ones.

We all know that freaking out feeling when pregnant! Perhaps it’s the loss of control, or it’s the emotional and physical strain. The use of an affirmation to help keep you centred and grounded in pregnancy, when all rationale goes out if the window. Every mother has doubts and often feels scared in pregnancy it’s completely normal. Thoughts like will I be a good mum, an I eating the right foods, I can’t go through with labour, and so on. A great way to help you manage those emotions and doubts, in order to create a truly amazing connection to and strong belief in your body, your baby and your partner – positive affirmations.

Like I’m many relationships doubt and what you think about yourself can affect you and those around you. Your baby can feel what you are feeling. This is why it is so important to make positive affirmations part of your daily pregnancy routine. When fears creep in, take a small amount of time, just a long moment to centre yourself, take a few calm breaths and say an affirmation out loud, repeating it up to 3 times. Allow the affirmation to soak into your entire being. Become the affirmation. You are an amazing woman, meant to be the mother of the child in your womb.

Here are our top 10 pregnancy and birthing Affirmations:

1. set my worries aside and allow my body to do it’s job
2.My body is accepting this baby and will protect it
3. I choose to believe the good things about pregnancy and motherhood
4. I trust in my ability to birth my baby
5. My body and baby are strong
6. My courage is stronger than my fear
7. My body was made to birth my baby
8. I am in charge of all my emotional wellbeing in pregnancy
9. My baby and I are one I choose to create peace within and around
10. My body opens my mind quieten and my baby descends