#World Mental Health Day

Maternal Mental Health during Pregnancy

Evidence is well documented in relation to a significant number of women experiencing mental health problems such as anxiety and depression during pregnancy. A study by O’Hara and Swaim (1996) showed that approximately 15% of pregnant women experience significant feelings of stress, anxiety or depression . A majority of women experiencing postnatal depression had also suffered antenatal depression, and in contrast postnatal anxiety was initiated by antenatal anxiety (ibid).

Promoting mindfulness and visualisation in pregnancy can be helpful in increasing feelings of being in control, and connect mothers to their unborn babies which in-turn creates positive maternal bonding and attachment in the antenatal and postnatal period. Mindfulness in pregnancy helps to put all attention into what is actually happening in the present moment within body, womb and the growing baby.

Within Kalmamama classes we focus on visualisation, mindfulness, gentle stretches and breathing techniques that can be used in pregnancy to help lower anxieties reducing low mood in pregnancy. Also our vision is to create a space where mothers to be can have 1-1 time connecting with their unborn babies, thus promoting the bonding process.

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