Why you should be coming to our children’s yoga classes!

Theres undoubtedly many Children’s Activity classes as options to take your little ones along to. Activities for kids come with many perks and for grown ups too. We are often put on spot about why should it be our classes well we have compiled our top ten reasons as to why you should be coming to our children’s yoga classes!

1. We capture those precious moments in photos for you…
2. Benefits include helping deeper sleeping patterns
3. Bonding with your little ones, your chance to help their development whilst spending time with them
4. It’s for everyone mum, dad, grandparents, sisters, brothers the list goes on!
5. You meet lasting friends as do your yogis for life!
6. You get to shake out your sillies with PomPoms! Not to mention all the other songs we sing…
7. We work the vestibular system which helps balance and coordination through lots of swinging and bouncing around!
8. For young babies yoga helps the digestive system so anyone suffering the pains of colic and constipation-this class is for you!
9. We created sessions where children get a huge sense of body confidence and awareness which helps create stronng, confident resilient kids!
10. Lastly which it’s hugely important…we are GOLD accredited from the Children’s Activity Association the only regulated body to accredited children’s activities in the UK. Bringing you peace of mind our yoga classes have met and exceeded their standards of practices!