Yoga helps obesity because it has the same benefits for children as it does adults. Yet with our with kids it seems uncool to take up yoga. As well as helping reduce anxiety help confidence and flexibility yoga helps to reduce childhood obesity by keeping our kids active, which is a major concern impacting the health of children all over the world.

Yoga plays an instrumental role in keeping a child’s body fit and healthy. Yoga is a non-competitive sport unlike most, and it offers children a challenge that they can master, yet at the same time develop a good self esteem. Obesity can be associated with poor psychological and emotional health, and many children experience bullying linked to their weight. During obesity awareness week yoga can also help support this.

A child that learns yoga can reap a lifetime of confidence and health and wellbeing benefits. Remember our specially trained teachers can also work with children with complex SEND needs such as autism read here how yoga benefits autism.

A report from the World Health Organisation report recently revealed that the number of obese children and adolescents – aged five to 19 years – worldwide has risen tenfold in the past four decades. “Efforts to reverse this growing trend have mainly focused on two aspects of a child’s life: diet and physical activity”.

Both elements can be controlled and children shown encouragement in correct foods to have a balanced diet whilst having a good amount of physical activity. These yoga asanas below will help burn calories, tone muscles, boost metabolism and also prevent your child from emotional eating:

A round of sun salutations: brings benefits from boosting metabolism to toning the body. Eighteen minutes of sun salutation done at a fast pace can be enough to give a good cardio workout and reap all its other benefits.

Plank pose: a great burner of fat from the entire body. In this pose, one needs to use your upper body and core muscles simultaneously, which is why it’s great to strengthen the core muscles.

Warrior pose: warrior pose can help tone muscles and enhance muscle growth and development. It strengthens the lungs while working on the core muscles.

Plough pose: tones the muscles of bottom and strengthens the shoulders. It stretches out the hamstrings and the muscles of the abdomen. Apart from concentrating on the core, this asana also tones the muscles of the thighs and arms.

Happy baby pose: beneficial for the digestive system. It is a very relaxing pose that stretches the hamstrings while massaging the internal organs and the back.

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