Raynaud’s Syndrome is a vascular condition that causes sufferers to lose blood flow to their extremities, particularly their hands, feet and nipples.  Women are 9 times more likely to be affected by Raynaud’s Disease, and it is estimated that 20% of women suffer from the disease in their childbearing years. For these women, the condition can have implications in terms of breastfeeding.

Raynaud’s can occur in women who’ve never suffered from the condition previously, as well as women who are known sufferers. Oestrogen appears to be a factor in Raynaud’s Disease as it affects the way in which we react to cold temperatures. The increased levels of oestrogen in pregnant women, and in woman who have recently given birth may explain why these women develop Raynaud’s of the nipple.

Raynaud’s has a number of triggers, particularly cold temperatures, oestrogen, consumption of cold foods and elevated stress. Breastfeeding for sufferers is challenging trigger. The evaporation of saliva/milk from nipples combined with the use of cold, wet breast pads can act as a catalyst. This can cause consequential stress and frustrated, which can further aggravate the condition.

Sufferers are advised to find ways to stay warm, keep circulation flowing and develop techniques to help them de-stress. This is where we can help!
KalmaBaby is all about relaxation in motherhood, and we believe yoga, is one of the greatest, most effective and easiest ways to relax and increase circulation!

Here are our top 5 poses, to help promote relaxation and you’ll fondness them In out Kalma Mamas classes;

Downward Facing Dog In our everyday lives, we are used to standing up straight for the most part of our day. The Downward Facing Dog Pose offers the legs an opportunity for rest, increases circulation of both blood and lymph systems and revitalizes cells throughout the body. This makes it an excellent pose for increasing circulation to the extremities. Additionally, this pose helps to expand the chest and strengthen the lungs for better respiratory function, which in turn promotes relaxation. In kalma Mamas this posture is adapted.




Cat-Cow Pose The Cat-Cow pose is great in kalma Mamas classes for pregnant women in general as it helps to tone the female reproductive system and alleviate cramp. However, this pose is also useful for increasing circulation. The Cat-Cow Pose improves blood circulation between the vertebrae of your spine which consequently improves the quality of blood circulation throughout the entire body. Furthermore, it helps in relieving back pain, tension and stress which promotes deep relaxation. This pose is one which we encourage all of our mother-to-be’s to perform in our prenatal yoga classes at KalmaMamas.


The Triangle Pose The Triangle Pose is a key pose for improving blood circulation and helping it reach every part of your body. It is also one of the easiest poses which can be performed for this purpose. This pose aids circulation in the legs and feet particularly, and involves opening up your chest and expanding the lungs as well, which improves circulation in your torso and helps promote deeper breathing. Deeper breathing alone helps to lower anxiety and stress levels, but within a triangle pose –your circulatory system is also benefitting.




The Easy Pose This is one of the most simple yoga poses which you can do to improve your circulation and relax. Sitting cross legged improves the blood circulation in our body as it relaxes the nerves and the pressure on the circulatory system. Additionally, this pose is great for cleansing the brain and reducing anxiety.