Let’s Talk about National Conversation Week!

National Conversation Week celebrates the art of human conversation and the beauty of communication. There is so much wonder in the human ability to vocalise our thoughts, feelings and ideas – but we know that the road to conversation is not always easy for youngsters. It is important to us, here at Kalma Baby, to encourage our young yogis to develop their language skills and promote conversation between parents and children alike. Therefore, we do our best to ensure that we help our yogis’ language development in all ways that we can!

Here at Kalma Baby we encorporate the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework by providing activities and experiences for children which allow for communication and language development. Within our unique and innovative classes, we provide opportunities for children and infants to experience a rich language environment which allows them to develop their skills and confidence in self-expression and listening. Our classes also allow for children to interact with one another. This is crucial for their social and emotional development as it aids children’s ability to form positive relationships with peers and helps them to develop respect for others, social skills and emotional – management.

One of the key ways that we encourage language development in our Kalma Baby family yoga classes is through singing and music. During our classes we make use of the repetition in songs to help our little yogis build their early language skills. Studies have shown that the repetitive nature on lyrics within songs help infants to imitate and produce words and phrases at a faster rate and helps them to develop a wider vocabulary in early life. The use of songs to encourage children’s language development has proven to be particularly helpful for autistic children.  Did you know that if your little one can recite at least five nursery rhymes by the time they are 4 the this gives them a great foundation for reading in reception in school!

Help us celebrate National Conversation Week, by telling your friends about us!  Get the conversation started and benefit from our amazing refer a friend scheme! If you book onto our classes and recommend a friend who books, then you get a class free!

Get talking, to win a free Kalma Baby Class for you and your little yogi this National Conversation Week!     #NatConvWeek