Top Five reasons why children’s yoga is a great tool for autism

Yoga for children as a complementary therapy can be especially beneficial for children with special needs and autism. The benefits typically associated with children’s yoga include improved strength and flexibility, and an increasing sense of calmness.

Children with Autism face difficulty with expressive and receptive communication, sensory integration deficits and social/emotional challenges (understanding and recognising facial expressions, social cues and their emotions as well as emotions of others) yoga can help Autistic children experience a reduction of pain, anxiety, aggression, obsessive behaviours, and self-stimulatory activities. One of the most important we feel as a huge benefit from children’s yoga is they have a greater success making new friends and regulating emotions through the classes. Check out our top 5 benefits of children’s yoga to help Autism:

1. Children’s yoga brings social and emotional awareness
2. Reduces Anxiety
3. Reduces challenging behaviour
4. Brings a sense of positive self esteem with Increased body awareness
5. Calms and balances the mind

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