Why Your Child Learns to do Forward Rolls in childrens yoga??

In a Kalma childrens yoga class the forward rolls are one of the first physical (and simplest) skills that our babies and children learn. Through practice, repetition and words it all helps to familiarise our little yogis and give them greater confidence to pick it up themselves quickly.  At Kalma Baby we feel each child should learn and be encouraged to try forward rolls and here is why:

It’s a great all body and brain workout!

Forward rolls, when done correctly, are an incredible full body & brain workout for all age groups! (At Kalma Baby we prepare little ones in our baby yoga classes by building up muscle strength & flexibility through songs, actions and poses. Forward rolls are then introduced in our toddler classes once little ones are ready.)  Forward rolls serve as a building block for many more difficult moves and stretches.

A forward roll a day will keep the doctor away!

In our Toddler yoga classes we practice regularly which can also result in numerous health benefits such as developing gross motor skills, stronger bones and muscles as well as increased flexibility. Keeping the body fit and healthy!

They bring Abs of steel

Forget superman, we have super-yogis in our toddler yoga classes, that’s because each forward roll we support in classes help to increase the child’s core strength; vital for when they are learning to sit up, crawl, walk, run, ride a bike etc. Yoga helps support all these milestones!

Body Awareness & Control

Forward rolls are more than just a basic tumbling skill. In our Toddler yoga classes they also promote body awareness and control in your yogi, which leads to increased coordination of the body and the mind. Your yogi must also learn to have enough body control to keep the head tucked in and roll over in one round, smooth motion.  Something which we teach in our Kalma Toddler classes!

Bilateral Coordination

A common element of toddler yoga are great bilateral coordination activity-and a forward roll brings just this!  Bilateral coordination is when both sides of the body are working together to accomplish a task.  Performing a forward roll requires both sides of the body to exert equal amounts of force to keep the body centered as the child rolls over. We know the importance of safety first in our childrens yoga classes and ensure our yogis plant both hands firmly on the ground before beginning to roll and tucks their head under.  We often give added support when they are first trying out a forward roll as they go over by holding them at the hips.

Vestibular System

We talk heaps in our all our childrens yoga classes about the importance of the vestibular system.  Another reason to learn forward rolls is the upside down motion they provide, which leads to better eye tracking development and strength (pre-reading skills). This inverted position also helps develop and enhance the vestibular system. Our vestibular system is located in the ear and helps with spacial orientation which allows us to maintain our balance in a position without falling. It also helps us to move smoothly and efficiently.

Forward rolls are fun and give great confidence. New skills require lots of perseverance to master.  Our yogis love learning to do things all by themselves and this skill is not only simple, but it’s also good for them.  Why not come along to one of our fun and friendly #toddleryoga classes to safely learn and practice the correct way to perform #forwardrolls and many other fun #skills, #activities and yoga inspired #poses!  Find your nearest (GOLD accredited by the Childrens Activity Association) class www.kalmababy.co.uk