Lunch Break Yoga

Yoga has a great way of making us feel re-energised and ready to take on the world. There are so many benefits to practicing yoga, to both adults and children, but it is often thought to be a time-consuming activity. In reality, just 10-30 minutes of yoga can do the trick!

With Primary school SATs and tests around every corner, we want to encourage children to take just a few minutes out of their day to focus on their well-being and de-stress – and we believe we have found the perfect way to do it…. Lunch break yoga!

Primary school aged children in the UK spend around 32.5 hours in their school every week. With around an hour each day designated for lunching, we think that just a few minutes of yoga could improve children’s focus, improve their energy levels and aid digestion.

Yoga is a wonderful way to help children achieve clarity in their minds. Schooling can sometimes cause confusion and frustration in children. A short break to practice some yoga poses and clear the mind, can help to improve understanding and concentration for classes later in the day.

It also works to aid digestion and reduce bloating. After eating, children may feel lethargic – yoga poses such as twisting poses help to overcome this issue and revitalise and re energise children.

Sugar cravings can also be overcome with a bit of lunch time yoga. Lots of parents will be able to tell you that when their children return from school, they want sugary snacks. By practicing inversion yoga poses, such as the downward facing dog, the blood flow can be redirected from a child’s stomach to their brain – resulting in a reduction in sugar craving.

Not only is lunch time yoga a great idea to improve children’s mental and physical health, it helps to show them an example of a healthy, well-being routine. Children practising yoga together provides a way for them to be social and enjoy themselves in a way which is going to benefit them. They will see improvements in their mood, and ability to run around at playtime and being able to achieve this all by practising fun yoga with their peers will show them that incorporating self-care routines into their lives can be both enjoyable and beneficial.

We want to make this dream a reality, by teaching yoga in schools across the North East and you can help us to achieve this goal!

Refer us to your child’s school, and if they book a term or full-day with us – You will receive a full term of baby, toddler or junior yoga absolutely free!