Did you know that yoga offers so many benefits to your little ones?

Here at Kalma Baby our specialised children’s yoga classes are focused on providing the best care and teaching for you to learn how to practice yoga at home, because we believe that yoga is not just for in class!

Here are the main benefits yoga can provide for your children:

Helps aid the digestive system, both massage and yoga classes can benefit the digestive system immensely. They can help with wind, constipation and more recently massage and yoga can help with colic.

Promotes body awareness and confidence, yoga is a great way of letting little ones become aware of their body how it bends and what it can do, as progression through sessions is made you can see confidence grow.

Helps build muscle strength, core strength and flexibility-massage and yoga increase flexibility in muscles and can help maintain it through your infant’s development. Upon flexibility, strength in muscles can be built, thus ensuring your infants confidence in themselves as the progress from sitting to crawling to walking.

Sleeplessness and promotes healthier deeper sleeping patterns, both massage and yoga can help promote deeper and longer sleeping patterns. Both promote the release of oxytocin in which a sense of relaxation can be achieved as this reduces the stress hormone corsitol. Ensuring baby is relaxed can mean relaxed state of mind therefore promoting sleep.

Improves Coordination and gross/fine motor skills, both massage and yoga can help fine tune coordination and gross motor skills. Massage can help by keeping the flexibility within the muscles whilst yoga can build the strength on it.

Improves balance and concentration, yoga introduces stretches such as inversions and ones which stimulate the vestibular system. Massage can help relax and clear a mind therefore a deeper level of concentration can be reached.

Bonding between parent and infant, yoga and massage give you the opportunity to spend one on one time with your little one, talking singing and finding out what your little one enjoys. It also promotes communication through touch.

IT IS FUN!!! Parents love it, and the children love it. Win win ?