What are the benefits for children from Mindfulness?

At Kalma Minds we see childrens Mindfulness as a crucial set of basic life skills that can improve performance in most areas of our childrens lives daily.  Areas include school, sports, arts and social interaction. A huge part of what we see is children gaining positive qualities which develop as a result of the mindfulness practice include empathy, kindness, well-being, generosity and compassion.  But what can they really gain from practicing and incorporating these techniques into their lives?

Childrens Mindfulness can help regulate children’s emotions

During a Kalma Minds class we practice focusing skills, this can be on breathing, movement, relaxation their bodies or listening.  Children become aware of what their minds are really up to. Mindfulness practice helps children deal with tough emotions and even improves impulse control which we often describe to children as our fight or flight response. We teach children over a period of time the techniques which they can use to replace the impulsive reactions. Mindfulness teaches our children to respond to situations in a thoughtful way balancing out rationale.

Childrens Mindfulness equips our children with life long skills

A kalma Mind session teaches children the tools to focus their minds, calm down and reflect on a situation when they need to make a choice. When children become aware of what is around them and it gives them a chance to absorb, observe then respond instead of letting emotions take control.  Mindfulness puts that space between the things that happen and how we react to them. Often when we react with emotions we create situations in which others or ourselves can be hurt but learning mindfulness can help us bounce back from this.

Other benefits to children from practicing mindfulness are:

  • Improved focus
  • Improved grades
  • Decreased stress
  • Regulating emotions
  • Increased compassion
  • Increased conflict-resolution skills

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