School Sports Week! 5 reasons YOUR school should have yoga with us in! 

North East Schools can get in touch for a session on us. National School Sport Week encourages your pupils to be more active. This year on 25-29 June 2018.

If your school is taking part or if it’s just to get your primary aged kids active then you can take advantage of the many benefits yoga brings to children.  Getting active in s non competitive sport which teaches children to regulate breathing, helps maintain flexibility and can help four and concentration too. On a typical Kalma junior children’s yoga session your children will work through a series of postures and breathing in s fun and innovative way. With partner poses so team work is inclusive and time to themselves to grow in confidence too. 

School is all about preparing for the future And many tools which are used in life can be taken from yoga:

1. Teaching kids to manage stress will help them in all areas of their lives. School can be incredibly stressful and kids can feel pressure academically. Teaching kids to handle this stress through movement and meditation will help them through all areas of their lives giving them life long tools.

2. Childhood obesity is an epidemic it’s in the rise. Helping our kids develop body-mind awareness now might help them to make healthier choices throughout their lives. (And just think of how much better off families would be if the kids then brought that mindfulness home and shared it with their parents!)

3. Increased focus means better learning. Children can learn to regulate their emotions and calm their minds through mindfulness and yoga. It takes a lot of intense focus to learn to balance in Tree Pose. Learning to focus on poses can help students understand how to focus on their schoolwork, too.

4. Resilience to bullying. We aren’t naïve enough to believe that teaching kids yoga will solve all their problems, but we believe yoga encourages people to love themselves and embrace the things that make them unique. As it’s fully inclusive it also means we teach children that people can take part no matter how tall or small, wether they’ve done yoga or not! This probably won’t make the bullying stop, but it might make kids more resilient to bullies.

5. Research proves it. A 2003 California State University, Los Angeles study found that yoga improved students’ behaviour, physical health and academic performance, as well as attitudes toward themselves.

Our Kalma Junior childrens yoga sessions empower and inspire confidence in our children. Yoga for children is becoming more popular as much as an everyday hobby. A way to help children become more comfortable and confident in their own bodies. As a result of a child who learns yoga, relaxation and mindfulness they develop essential skills for a lifetime of health of well-being. 

Sessions are delivered privately, in nurseries and schools get in touch for one for your setting!