Yoga classes with Kalma Baby are made as fun as possible!  At Kalma Baby, Toddlers and Junior classes our focus is childrens health and well being but with a twist of uniqueness!  Its what makes our classes so amazing.  So we thought we would tell you 7 incredible facts that you may not already know about childrens yoga:

  1. Yoga helps to develop your child’s emotional creativity.  From being on the moon to the circus, the jungle and the beach.  Lots of our childrens yoga sessions are themed with yoga postures, songs music and sensory!  Helping children be more imaginative.
  2. Start them early.  From as young as 6 weeks our babies can embark on a journey of yoga with us.  Your never too old nor too young to reap the benefits yoga brings!
  3. Yoga offers a whole range of therapeutic benefits to children.  From helping disabilities and common infant ailments to supporting children with ADHD and autism,
  4. Yoga can help your child concentrate at school. Research shows that the deep breathing exercises may improve children’s focus. Some schools are already introducing mindfulness into the curriculum. Concentrating on the breath or feeling a stretch teaches children to keep their minds settled and focused, preventing negative thought processes and distractions.
  5. Yoga helps your kids to be present.  Helps them appreciate moments and think about reactions before the actions.  Childrenare too often engaged with electronics and spend too much time staring at screens in a world dominated by social media, group chats and text messages. Yoga offers an escape from screen time and helps kids learn the importance of carving out device-free time
  6. Yoga helps kids focus and can help them concerntrate in school.  Which can lead to a better understanding of subjects and even higher academic grades.  Meditation, breathing and mindfulness exercises of a childrens yoga can lead to increased concentration and mental clarity.  For years, adults have experienced the positive results from yoga including reduced anxiety and increased well-being. As childrens yoga grows, parents are also discovering the same benefits for kids and that yoga is a great way to have a positive impact on children.
  7. Yoga improves physical strength and keeps a happy heart!  Happy hearts lead to longer living!! As kids learn various poses, yoga helps with balance, flexibility, strength and coordination. Other benefits to childrens yoga include improved respiration, weight reduction and improved cardio and circulatory health.

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