My story is a some what simple one…

If you asked me a few year ago I don’t think I would have known what a franchise was let alone be a franchisor.  I guess we all have a calling at some point.  Having endured the relentless years as a Retail trainer and manager for Arcadia group for over 7 years, I have gained experience and insight into customers, training and the operations of growing a business in the demanding ever changing economy.  In 2010 a roller coaster of year happened for me and I would say it was pivitol in the changing of my life and my purpose.  I gave birth to a premature baby and I lost my hero, my dad.  For most of that year I suffered with Post Natal Depression exasperated by the fact I lost my dad.  It was then I knew that year would break or make me.

I decided to start a journey of yoga having started a local pre natal yoga class earlier in the year whilst pregnant and I was hooked by the power it had on my own health and well being.  My dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer around the time I found out I was pregnant so yoga was my space.  The day I went into pre-term labour , I was in disbelief -it was the only complication I had not read about in pregnancy!  Tyler spent 11 emotional weeks in special care, we were lucky my dad met him.  I always thought Tyler had come along early just to spend those few weeks with my dad before he died.  After the death of my dad was probably my lowest point.  Tyler suffered with terrible reflux and my depression was at its highest.  Whenever I felt like getting out to a group by the time I had dressed myself and had 7 outfit changes on Tyler it was close to 7pm!  My guilt reared its ugly head as I felt Tyler was not getting out to groups, we missed out on baby massage as he had spent his earlier days in Special Care.  I had huge amounts of support through this time from my husband, and my family.  I still practiced yoga and it was then I discovered Baby Yoga, It was then the dream began.

I started my very first class back in 2010 around 6 month after the birth  of Tyler.  The market place for health and well being for children was virtually non existent.  It has grew today but I still feel we have many years of being market leaders as yoga for children is still uncommon.  I went onto to have my two other boys Jenson and Maxwell whilst completing numerous other qualifications including my hatha and pre and post natal yoga training.  It was then in 2014 I launched my big dream Kalma Baby.  My passion has always been yoga with children and I practice as often as I can with my boys.  I have been privileged to be on their yoga journey as well as many other parents and children, it has been incredible.

In 2015 the licence model launched and after much testing and tweaking the franchise model launched a year later in September 2016.  We have evolved and grew so much in a short space of time.  Had numerous accreditations one which I am immensely proud of is our Childrens Activity Association certification.  They are the only regulating body for childrens activity’s in the UK, in 2017 we were awarded the highest certification of GOLD which means all our policies procedures and training programmes are of a very high standard.

We had an incredible 2017 with the launch of Kalma Minds for teens, Yoga for autism and our brand new franchise Kalma Mamas our pre and postnatal relaxation classes.  Its been an even busier 2018 with awards and new franchisees along with our first in Bristol!  2010 made me and I am pleased that I took a leap of faith inspired by my son and Dad.  My role has made my life so much more meaningful, I’ve passed my teachings to my boys, and just to be able to drop off an pick up  my boys from school and nursery has meant i’ve never missed out.  Although I don’t teach classes anymore I often cover, I adore my mentoring role and the ladies I work alongside with are just incredible.  Each have their own passions, ambitions and stories.  The one thing we have in common is we want to make that difference in the lives of whom we meet, teaching makes us smile everyday and this NEVER feels like a job!  To find out more about our franchise opportunities visit

Namaste Rebecca x