Transparency is key in our childrens yoga franchise

People often ask me whats the most important thing in franchising, its transparency.  Our childrens yoga franchise model is very simple yet effective and our ethical approach as a franchisor means our franchisees worry less about the legalities meaning more time to focus on running their own childrens yoga franchise.  Potential franchisees who enquire will always have an opportunity if they wish to speak to our team about their experience with our franchise.  I mean who better to speak to than the ladies that lead the franchises than themselves.  They will give you an honest answer about life as the role of a franchisee and running their own businesses.  This week we hear from our Kalma Baby Hartlepool Franchisee Rachel who has recently joined us in the last 4 month so is still new to the team….

Hi, I’m Rachel and I own the Kalma Baby Hartlepool, Peterlee, Trimdon and Wingate franchise.  In 2017 I began my kalma baby yoga journey with my daughter Isabella who was only six weeks old. We were lucky enough to join Vicki’s classes who owns Kalma Baby Durham and we have enjoyed every session since. It has been amazing seeing the benefits that yoga has had on her development, both physically and socially. The classes were always welcoming, supportive and a place for parents to bond with their children in a relaxed and fun environment.  It was great to see the teachers within Kalma Baby promoting this too.

When the opportunity came up to be part of Kalma Baby I was so excited to join the team. For the past 9 years I have been a Primary Teacher, ranging from Early Years to Key Stage 2. I have always loved working with children, constantly being amazed and proud when they learn something new.  I could not wait to teach new yogis and pass on the yoga benefits to them just like I had experienced with Isabella.

Although I am new to the franchise, after only starting before the summer, even after few short months I can see that it is the best thing I’ve chosen to do although it is also the toughest and most frightening.  I’ve known for a long time that my career on teaching was making me unhappy. Getting the work life balance was tough as all teachers will know, so when my daughter arrived I knew that I wanted a change.  One of the things that attracted me to Kalma Baby was the honest approach in its franchise model and support it gave when it came to the processes of buying it.

Luckily, I have managed to find an amazing job that lets me have more time at home with my daughter and partner, yet still allows me to work with children, parents and other teachers. I feel that I have the best of both worlds as I can still do the job that I love but in an environment which is more flexible.

I won’t lie, owning my own childrens yoga franchise is also slightly terrifying. Promoting a business is something that I’ve never had to do in my teaching career so I am on a constant learning curve. Also, leaving a job behind that I was familiar with for 9 years, going into something so new brings questions and a small amount of worry. What if it doesn’t work?  However, these worries are short lived when you realise what a great team I am surrounded by. All of the franchisees at Kalma Baby have a huge amount of knowledge and support to offer and then I realise I am truly lucky.

I am so privileged to work for a successful, friendly, reliable and approachable childrens yoga franchise, doing a job that I love and am excited about doing each day.  This makes the new start all the more worthwhile. What more could you want from a job?