Our Family flexible franchise can offer parents the chance to be their own boss, creating their own working hours meaning more time at home being a parent!  For working parents trying to get a balance of working life with family life can be a struggle.  The rise in childcare cost can mean parents work longer and harder just to pay for this service.  This is Lauras story our Washington branch owner on what she feels are the benefits to owning her own childrens yoga franchise business…
I’m Laura and I own the Franchise area Kalma Baby Washington. I have two children, Isabella (five) and Oliver (18 months) who are both Kalma Baby Yogis and LOVE their yoga journey so far, and this is where my own journey started with Kalma Baby and the love for childrens yoga began.
I first came across Kalma Baby when I was looking for classes I could take Oliver to while on maternity leave. I was hooked from the first session! I have seen first hand how classes can not only provide a fun and stimulating environment to aid your child’s development, but also get you involved too. As a parent I think its crucial that we get support and feel welcomed from groups around us like Kalma Baby.  Oliver is now 18 months old and we still attend classes! It has been amazing to see him develop and learn, and make some friends along the way.  Watching him learn postures and develop his coordination all whilst having fun.  Isabella goes to Junior Yoga classes which she absolutely loves, she’s always excited to show me what she’s been doing in class.  I always thought the benefits that she got from a yoga class would not only help her health and well being but would help her emotionally and mentally too.
After working in retail management for almost 10 years I knew I needed a change.  For those that work in retail you will understand the restraints that it brings and flexibility is limited with long hours something for people with children will know is a real struggle.  My change in working flexibility came with Kalma Baby and it is the perfect place for me to help others enjoy their precious time with their babies and beyond!  It is a great feeling knowing I can provide to families all of the things we took from Kalma Baby childrens yoga classes.

Making the decision to become a franchisee of Kalma Baby was full of questions and what ifs? But I decided that the risks were worth taking and I’m so glad I did. Being self employed means I have so much flexibility with the hours I work, and that is a massive factor for me having 2 young children.  It is so hard for parents these days to work and balance family life, and some often struggle with childcare too.  I decide where I work (within my area) and what classes I do, and how much I want to take on. I am my own boss and make my own decisions, but I have the support of a great family flexible franchise to guide me along in the right direction.

It can be daunting at first but when you put yourself out there and force yourself to do something new, it’s amazing how much you realize you can do! Sometimes it can be difficult to get the balance right between being a full time mum and running a business, I work a lot in the evenings, but I absolutely love what I do. Instead of being in a job I didn’t enjoy, where I would miss bedtimes and weekends with my children, I now look forward to going to work, and I don’t have to miss out on quality time with my family.