Strong bones come from yoga classes, so take a look at why your children’s bones need some yoga!

Whilst they are still growing is so important that we support the strengthening of muscles and bones. But did you know inside our Childrens Yoga classes we are building a foundation for healthy strong bones from postures? ? 

All yoga is weight-bearing exercise, meaning you hold the weight of your body up against gravity. Resisting gravity puts a mild stress on the bones, without damaging cartilage or stressing the joints in the process! We are simply lengthening our muscles which hold our bones in the poses…creating strong  ? bones from yoga. #Babyyoga #Toddleryoga #kidsyoga #awardwinning

There’s much evidence in research to suggest that yoga could be an effective therapy to treat or prevent osteoporosis—the bone weakening condition that causes fractures. Just 12 minutes of yoga keeping a pose for around thirty seconds three time a week can have a lifetime affect at keeping dem bones in good check.

Check out our top five bone building children’s yoga poses to help with the foundation of growing healthy strong bones:

Bridge pose: Or back bends are poses which we start from our 6 month class’s progressing the posture as the children get older. Again in our younger sessions poses are completely supported by parents, and older yogis always have support when needed. The stretch is also therapeutic for oestraprorosis and helps stretch the back, chest and neck. A good stretch between 10 to 30 seconds for kids in this pose will stretch the chest and spine. 

Warrior 2: Virabhadrasana II is a classic pose which gets children standing in strength! Its known for improving circulation and respiration and energises the entire body. It’s a great stamina testing pose for children, whilst also applying bone strengthening weight.

Triangle: A one we save for our older yogis in Kalma Junior classes. It’s probably one of the easiest to master and has so many benefits. Triangle can help enhance spine flexibility and relieve gastritis. A great gentle stretch for the body, which strengthens a child’s lower back bones.

Downward dog: A fun pose for children which stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, arches, hands and calves. It’s a great stretch to build bone density because it’s weight bearing as well as strengthening and stretching the arms and legs.

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Tree pose: A great pose for kids which can help with balance although some what tricky for younger ones.  Our younger yogis have the added support of parents.  Holding  this pose for 1 minute can help children get stronger bones, while also stretching the important muscle groups and calming their minds.

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