Day in the Life of a Kalma Baby Franchisee

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run your own business as a Kalma Baby Franchisee? Well keep reading because I’m going to let you in on what exactly I get up to on a typical ‘work’ day. When I was looking into owning my own franchise, I was eager to find out how much work actually goes into it, how much time I would spend, and would it be worth it?

My Work Day  

As a franchisee I currently run a baby yoga class on a Thursday and schedule this as my full work day as I have childcare for my two children, Isabella (7), and Oliver (3). My day starts in the usual way, somehow managing to get us all ready and out the door in time to get Isabella to school. This job has become infinitely harder now I have a pre-schooler who is adamant he has to get himself ready, and usually ends up with me saying ‘put your shoes on!’ approximately 50 times! Anyone else?

Once Isabella is at school and Oliver is with my parents, my work day can begin. I always have everything I need for my class ready the night before so I can just grab everything and go. I load up my car with all of my equipment, double checking I have my music, bells and bubbles. I don’t think the babies would ever forgive me if I didn’t have bubbles!

I get to my venue and start setting up. I’ve got this down to a fine art now, and have my own routine, usually taking 10 minutes to be ready for lots of yoga. When the babies (and their parents of course) start to arrive, I love to say hello and find out how everyone’s doing. This gives me a chance to get to know everyone a bit better, and I can adjust the class and give pointers on the best things for mums to do with their little ones if they’re suffering with colic for example. Our class lasts 45 minutes, then it’s time to say goodbye until next week and pack everything up.

After getting home part of a franchisees role is to typically clean any equipment that requires it before putting away. In addition to the spot cleans with sterilising wipes, I do a termly deep clean of everything to ensure all my equipment is nice and fresh to keep all those nasty bugs at bay. I generally have a working lunch and this is when I start on my admin. And believe me I could do with a sit down by this point! This always varies depending on whether I have a new term starting soon and need to write lesson plans, or I’m in the middle of the term and planning out my social media, or looking for a new venue. I work away, fuelled by coffee until It’s time pick up Isabella from school, and my little whirlwind, otherwise known as Oliver, comes home.  

Family time

I take a break from being a franchisee and put my laptop away to spend time with my children. This is why I wanted to own my Kalma Baby Franchise, to have the ability to fit my work around my children and enjoy the moments that I wasn’t able to in my previous job in sales management. For instance, I was very rarely able to do school drop offs and pick ups, and I wasn’t always there for bedtimes. I now get to do these things every day, and it is amazingly rewarding, even if we have a battle over how many carrots are eaten at tea time!

Back to Work

Following a usually successful bedtime, I get my laptop back out and spend a couple of hours finishing up anything I didn’t get done earlier. Depending on what I need to do I may spend an hour or so, but more often than not it’s around 11pm when I switch off again. On my days where I don’t run any classes, I fit in work whenever I can. Now that Oliver doesn’t nap (ahhh, send help at 5pm when the devil is unleashed!) this is usually after the children have gone to bed. However, I don’t work every night, and try to plan when my night off will be, as I think it’s still so important to look after myself and have some downtime.

Is it worth it?

Owning a Kalma Baby Franchise is hard work, but so is anything that you want to be successful. You have to work hard in order to see the results. Having a balance between home life and work can be a struggle, however over time I have learnt how to manage this better. Owning a business is a massive learning curve, but I have been given fantastic support from the outset, and this is only continuing and growing. Along with all other Kalma Baby Franchisees we share ideas, help each other out, and it is a great team to be a part of.  In short, taking the leap is absolutely worth it. Becoming a Kalma Baby Franchisee has given me the freedom to choose when I work, spend quality time with my children, and never have to miss a school play or assembly. Choosing this path in my career has shown me that it is possible to love your job, and look forward to going to work. Furthermore, it has brought back my passion for yoga and I’m excited to be able to bring awareness of the amazing benefits of yoga to babies and children.

If you’d like more information on how you can love your job and be a part of Kalma Baby then head to  If you’re unsure about the financial aspects of getting started with a Franchise visit for lots of useful information and a great service.