Children’s yoga can help Down’s Syndrome 

Children’s yoga can be very beneficial for children and more greatly so for those with additional needs. When parents look for sporting activities to do with their children they usually look at karate dance football, Yoga is not usually something that springs to the top. 

A growing body of research suggests children with Down Syndrome can really benefit from the daily practice of yoga in their routines. Developmental issues which may come along with Down’s Syndrome and autism, can be helped with children’s yoga. Children’s Yoga can help with Down’s Sydrome by auppprting children to be more body aware and improve concentration.  I would personally always recommend to parents to introduce yoga to their children if they had additional needs. 

Down’s syndrome, also known as Down syndrome or trisomy 21, is a genetic condition that typically causes some level of learning disability and certain physical characteristics.  

Most babies born with Down’s syndrome are diagnosed soon after birth and may have:

  • floppiness
  • eyes that slant upwards and outwards
  • a small mouth with a tongue that may stick out
  • a flat back of the head
  • below-average weight and length at birth
  • their palm may have only one crease across it

Children with Down’s syndrome may share some common physical characteristics, but they don’t all look the same. Down’s syndrome will also have different personalities and some degree of different learning disabilities.

A common congenital disorder associated with Down’s Sydrome is the tendancy to be shorter than most as it makes limbs shorter. Low muscle tone can also slow down their motor development. Children’s yoga can help Down’s Syndrome by strengthening,  stretching and toning the muscles on the body as well as:

Improve and regulate sleep patterns

Help muscle memory 

Increase a child’s body awareness 

Boost their confidence 

Help maintain a healthy body weight

We suggest trying these 8 postures to help children with Downs Syndrome:

  1. Mountain Pose
  2. Triangle Pose 
  3. Warrior III 
  4. Corpse Pose 
  5. Tortoise Pose 
  6. Archer Pose 
  7. Eye Exercise 
  8. Different breathing exercises 

Our children’s yoga classes are fully inclusive and no one is left behind. It’s non competitiveness means it is unique in the sense it’s a sport for all. Children’s yoga has been proven to have multiple benefits for the mind body and soul no matter what disability, additional need body shape age or physical and mental limitations a child may have. Read how yoga can help other additional needs here.

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