Becoming a Kalma Baby Franchisee in Spennymoor after a teaching career 

Why a franchise?  Why Kalma Baby? Why not start your own business with your own idea?  Questions I’ve been asked numerous times throughout the last year.  Questions that in the early days, I felt a little nervous to answer, not because my future vision wasn’t a clear one, but because the path to get there certainly was not. Choosing the right franchise for me was important and knowing Kalma Baby was part of the Quality Franchise Association, reinforced my decision to join was right. I had researched for baby yoga classes in Spennymoor and found little was offered in the way of  baby groups or baby classes.  This was a decider in my decision to launch a baby yoga franchise to provide baby yoga in Spennymoor.

Leaving my Teaching Career

This was far from an easy decision.  A profession I had been in, for then fourteen years.  A profession I was comfortable in, a good earner, amazing and inspiring colleagues and incredible young people and families I had the pleasure of working with. However it was time for adventures new!  I had a young baby and my teenage daughter was embarking on her GCSE’s.

attended Kalma Baby classes with Charlie from ten weeks old and we loved them!  Charlie reaped the benefits of yoga and I enjoyed the sessions, making new friends and learning new exercises that would aid Charlie in his physical and mental development.  Meanwhile I had seen an advert for Kalma Baby recruiting new franchisees for an area near to me. What was to lose? I booked a place and off I went, unknown to me that this was the beginning of my journey as a franchisee.  Knowing I could apply my skills from my teaching career to teaching as a children’s yoga teacher has helped me hugely. 

My Experience so far

Thankfully my journey as a franchisee has been positive.  Nevertheless, I’ve had doubts along the road and I’m certain I’ll have more but that only increases my drive and determination to succeed.  Why a franchise?  I’m not an entrepreneur, yet our founder of Kalma Baby is ( ) I needed support with finance and operations, a reinforcement of outstanding knowledge in sales and marketing.  I shared the same vision as the director, that exceptional practice in delivering Kalma yoga would empower the future of our young people, but I needed to gain the capability to provide this. Therefore, personally to me, a franchise was definitely my preference.

The Future

To conclude, my journey as a franchisee will hopefully be of great length, regardless of the bumps in the road ahead and possibly a few deep pot holes, I am certain with the guidance and reinforcement from the Kalma Baby family, I’ll overcome each one with confidence. My baby yoga classes in Spennymoor are very popular and a great place for mums and dads to attend a supportive baby class which helps their childs health and well being.  Im looking forward to growing my baby yoga classes in Spennymoor and meeting more parents/carers soon!

You can read all about one of my fellow franchisees, Laura’s journey and her experience of family flexible franchisor. The future is an exciting one!

Laura Kalma Baby Bishop Auckland, Crook and Ferryhill