Working VS school holidays

There aren’t many parents I meet these days this time of year-summer who don’t mention in passing the constant trials and tribulations of juggling the work and family life balance throughout the summer holidays. Many parents struggle to juggle childcare throughout the year, so when it comes to the lengthy break of no school it’s even more stressful for some.

I am constantly asked how I manage with four young children, my business and then family life in general. There are times when it’s tricky for me however I consider myself very lucky to have the type of business whereby I can work flexibly to ensure my children get the quality time spent with them and I keep my childcare costs down.

For many of my franchisees the same can be said. If you spoke to some, they would also mention it’s a been a factor in the reason they choose a family flexible children’s franchise business so that they could spend more time with little ones and work flexibly. Many of our franchisees have taken their own children into classes whereby they have joined in with classes whilst teaching. It’s also allowed for lots of family time, for example late starts and early finishes – that flexible working you don’t get with the norm 9-5 job.

I’ve only ever missed three school assemblies in the last 5 years. I’d say that’s pretty good going. It’s down being able to dictate the hours in a business that’s so flexible like ours. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it’s always the way of ‘you can do exactly as you want’. In our business more often than not we offer what you could call supply and demand of classes but good planning helps work around any big events your children may have.

Let’s be honest, there are times when running your own business that the children just won’t you let you work! I’ve faced this many times in the holidays. Here’s my top tips to help juggle the struggle:

Remember your why????????

It can often be frustrating the holidays to try and do work whilst the kiddies are around. More often than not it’s time to stop fighting the battle! One reason some of our franchisees chose self employment with a flexible children’s franchise is so they can be rewarded by the many perks – one of which is flexibility. ‘A why’ they made the decision should be remembered! So once the children are at school they can work again however learn to love the holidays and embrace them.

Stay up late or get up early

May seem like an obvious point but you can get so much done whilst the children are in bed! An hour here and there can help hugely instead of trying to pinch what can sometimes take two hours of interrupted time instead of one. It will make a massive difference! This is a huge perk to owning a family flexible children’s business.

Keep a routine

It’s so easy to get out of a routine during half terms. We often get up late, the kids go to bed late then there’s those days where you have where you just think it’s a house day! It can be easy to fall into a routine of not being in a routine! Believe me keeping some kind of reasonable get up get ready time can help upon the return of school.

Use holiday clubs

A lot of parents I speak to are reluctant to use holiday clubs. I’ve found them a godsend. My kids love them and it’s given me a chance to work but not feel bad as my kids are having fun. It can become expensive but lots offer discount for sibling and multiple days etc and I always think what would I have spent on a day out. Pick up a packed lunch and your onto a winner! My kids love them and it’s a welcome break from them seeing my face each day.

Plan and then have a back up!

I say this smiling because even the best kept well thought plans go out the window at times and sometimes you just have to roll with it. Don’t beat yourself up if some thing changes or hasn’t quite gone the way you wanted! We have been caught by the rain or someone’s been sick it’s just life! I always have something for a rainy day to keep them amused so that I can get a sneaky