Give the gift of health and wellness this Christmas

This December we are starting the health kick a month early! Why not already be in the calming frame of mind with all that zen, chilling and eating well before January arrives? Hey, you never know the gloom of January may not be as bad as you think!

Whilst our classes are great for all ages of children they also give an element of health and wellness to our parents and grandparents and anyone else who attends. The perfect gift for your children this Christmas may well be a Kalma Baby, toddler or junior voucher, but is it the perfect gift for you?

In the run up to Christmas we lose our sense of self care (if we had found it in the first place) those busy months can often be filled with stress, anxiety and pressure for many reasons. Whilst we try to get into the spirit of Christmas it can often leave us feeling overwhelmed, guilty and exhausted. The practice of self care has the ability to completely change your outlook on life . It means something different to everyone, but whether you’re treating yourself, or someone else, we have complied a list of 13 ideas to give the best health and wellness gift this Christmas:

  1. Trouble sleeping? Then soothe those sleepless nights away with a gorgeous Neom scented candle.   Neom Scent to Sleep fragrance Tranquility, is a complex blend of the purest possible essential oils, click here to visit
  2. And relaxxxxx…easy for some…. not so much for others.  A weighted blanket is a great tool for those suffering with anxiety – check out these beautiful ones
  3. Positivity…why not blast some vibes into your thoughts with these beautiful cards we love!
  4. Love thy self enough to bathe…when was the last time you had a bubble bath with candles? So long ago you can’t remember!  Well now is the chance to kick back relax and soak. Why not add a bamboo bathtub tray into the mix with some of your favourite treats on too…
  5. Reading! The right book can be a powerful tool in changing mindset and in turn change your outlook on life. Some of our best reads include: The Secret, the Chimp Paradox and How to be Brilliant!
  6. Colours have always been known to affect people’s behaviour in different ways. Some have a calming effect, while others are known to stimulate both, mental and physical activity. They can be a powerful tool to help healing…Before you go changing room colours in your house try our
  7. Switching the mind off through meditation  is a tool which is hard to master. However great mindful apps such as ….Calm and Headspace are amazing to help give you guidance.  And if that’s not enough why not try a finger labyrinth that can be used for relaxation, concentration, and meditation — making it the perfect little gift for your friend who sits at a desk all day.
  8. Getting active this December can really help boost your immune system. Yoga, walking, swimming and horse riding are all activities which are feel good activities but help with over all health and wellness. What’s even better monitor your progress with a Fitbit.
  9. Mindful eating can be another great feel good tool. Too many of us get hung up on what we eat and our body shapes. But if you struggle like many of us to think about what you eat then this book is a great tool
  10. Mood lighting in a room can help set the atmosphere.  Why not invest in a mood lamp this December to create the perfect ambiance to help de-stress after a busy shopping day! You create the mood you want.
  11. Gratitude journals being a great sense of being thankful to each day.  Use the journal to record any thoughts, feelings and inspirations, it allows you to practice daily gratitude and will help you be more present in the moment.
  12. Your sense of smell is a brilliant way of tapping into your  mood . It’s thought that the significant effects of smell on the brain are a relic of the life-and-death importance that smell had for early man.  Try a diffuser like this which will help you unwind; to
  13. Kick start a new year early with a new hobby! Knitting is a great tool to help anxiety and depression. Prepare early for gloomy January now is the perfect time you start.

Lastly don’t forget your gift vouchers for a Kalma Baby or Kalma Mamas class