This time of year can be a busy time for most and we often feel over whelmed with all the hustle and bustle of the festive period, forgetting to take a minute to relax! Follow these top ten tips to help de stress during the Christmas season;

  1. Eat more chocolate, but what we really mean is be more mindful when you eat it! With over 300 flavours in a single piece taking some time out to actually taste and smell it will clear your mind. Checkout more foods to help here
  2. Just breath, it’s the best form of stress relief. When you breath it send a message to the brain to calm and relax. Have you ever really just sat and appreciated the breath? Take a minute out to just do a simple belly breath and help your body relax. Checkout the belly breath here
  3. Walk more, even just in short spells. Walking is not only a great from of exercise which helps you feel good it is also a great way of exploring senses and creating a mindful zone. Walk more and take on the surroundings the crisp air, the birds and trees around you. Walking is a great mood booster. A good walk can put the world in perspective and soothe your mind. It’s the ideal way of taking a break from all of the business of Christmas. Enjoy a new membership for the national trust for 2020
  4. Do more of what you love, and perhaps with those you love! Another tool which can instantly boost your mood. Christmas can often leave us feeling like we get little enjoyment out of what we used to once love the feeling of anhedonia.  It can be super stressful! Start with something small even a nice bath looking after you!
  5. Chill in the queues. The endless lines of people at the checkout 8 is enough to drive anyone Insane. Whilst I’m all for online shopping there is something special about Christmas shopping in a city too. Patience around this time of year can wear thin especially when you meet queue after queue. I’ve often stood screaming in my head ‘just hurry up and scan the items’ however be aware how this makes you feel angry and frustrated? Often if we stand and find ourselves feeling this way it helps to be aware of the emotions but not be reactive. Checkout some of the best city’s in the north of England to visit for shopping
  6. Gratitude list. After all it’s the time of giving and being thankful. Don’t forget to remind yourself daily. I have found writing a list of perhaps ten things each day even in my phone helps. It’s gives perspective and focus. Even the smallest of things can bring huge amounts of gratitude which is why it’s important to note ten!
  7. Listen to your favourite tune. Music is such a feel good thing! Blast it out and shake your shimmy watch as your mood lifts. It’s a great tool to do first thing on a morning.
  8. Spend more time with those you love. Pick up the phone and make the plans. Being spontaneous lifts a mood. Spending time with those who make you happy is an instant stress buster. A problem shared is a problem halved they say. Seeing friends or loved ones means enjoying some happy time! It could even be attending our yoga classes and reaping those benefits with your little ones
  9. Watch your favourite film. Can be similar to listening to music but plays with our visual senses. It can help with emotions and often the suspense or Unexpected element in a film is a great tool to help out stresses as it takes our mind off the present things.  Here’s some of the best Christmas ones
  10. Take back some time just for you! Get a way from the day to day busy activities of Christmas for a few hours. Do something not on your to do list but something which makes you happy and smile.

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