Let’s face it, there are times now more than ever, this feeling of being stuck in a rut is more apparent in our lives. It’s a feeling of flatness maybe a little stress or anxiety? If so, then it’s definitely time to nourish your soul.


Your soul, what is it? Youre probably reading this thinking I’m talking a bit woo woo, but this should all make sense hopefully the more you read!


Your soul is the part of you that makes you the person you are. It’s the ethereal part to our human form which runs through every cell in our bodies. Our higher self. It is known as the part that is real and with a facade or mirrors. It’s our pure self!


I can only describe the feelings I recently have had. When your soul is need of some TLC you may experience a sensation of needing to change something but really don’t know where the sensation is coming from. You can feel a little lost as if you areat a point where you don’t really know who you are or what your setting out to achieve. It can be confusing! We have two voicesone which tells us or makes us feel those things we should be doing and the other is the inner self or the soul willing you to listen to it.  


We are human…mothers, a boss, wives, friends…. and we focus so much of our attention and energy on fulfilling our many roles that meet the needs of other people, now more than ever this is true for me.


We should be shifting this attention and moving towards growth, self-love, spirituality, greater fulfilment and living in alignment with our highest selvesour souls. This is what I can only describe is your soul needing nourishing! This is the point you should be taking notice and listening so you can step into the direction of thriving and not letting your physical and emotional health suffer.


Our soul is like a child and it will often go to relentless ways of making us listen.  Take a look at our tips to feed your inner self:


1. Even five minutes in nature helps boost mental health and mood a British study found, so go for a walk, garden or cycle. With less traffic on the roads currently we can breathemuch cleaner air and actually nourish our souls with the elements of the earth. There is something refreshing about walking, whilst breathing in the air, taking in the surroundings and just being present.
2. Listening to music can give you great comfort, calmness and happiness all in one song! Get moving with it.  Moving to music is a great way to move energy but also expel any unwanted energy. Dance your socks off in your kitchen toyour favourite song and you will feel so much better.  Take a look at these playlists.
3. Indulge in artwork! Mindful colouring can help concentration and reduce anxiety. Those millions of thoughts swirling in the head can instantly be dismissed when you’ve something to focus on. And let’s not forget colour therapy! Colour and seeing it or dressing in it can brighten the mood of most people. Download our mindful colouring sheets here.
4. De clutter: we have all seen it around the house. The clothes that need folding or the paper work that needs looking at. Clutter can remind us of things which need to be done! I don’t know about you, but I always feel better having a clear out. This can be said for all aspects of your life home, social media, toxins in the body. The illusion of order can be enough to satisfy us. Take a look how here.
5. Meditate or do yoga: It goes without saying! The asanas and pranayama are only two of the eight limbs which make up yoga and to get to the true state of enlightenment you must venture and master them all. The eight limbs give us a ladder to work our way up so we can become one with the soul. Almost like prep work we must do before we can teach the ultimate state of mediation. Yoga takes many years so don’t expect overnight transformation, but start small and appreciate your soul within.
6. Live in the present: when you stay in the present moment, appreciation of what’s around you a bird chirping, the wind whistling, we truly stay happy and connect with our soul. This helps us think positive. When you arent distracted by negative feelings, or allow yourself to get lost in moments that are gone or yet to come, you are left with this moment. This moment—now—truly is the only moment you have. It is beautiful and special so stay present!
7. Cast aside expectations and all or nothing attitude: This is one of the biggest obstacles to people taking time to nourish the soul. People expect results over night or right now! In reality, this just doesn’t happen each time. Learn to accept this and be ok with it. If you want to train for an hour but can only manage 10 minutes that’s great it’s something and something is better than nothing. Celebrate the small wins and accomplishments you do.
So if it’s a feeling of this your experiencing too then it’s about time to nourish your soul!