Picture the scene, I’m 8 weeks (ish) pregnant, over the initial shock (not planned, but very wanted!) and starting to get used to this whole carrying another living being inside of me.


I’m just doing a quick run to Tesco when bang, someone crashes into the back of my car. I felt fine but a quick trip to the maternity assessment unit was called for just to ensure everything else is fine.


So there are I am, lying on the weirdly uncomfortable bed hoping all is right in the world and this little bean inside of me didn’t notice the bump in the car!


Enter lovely smiley nurse “we’ll just wait for the Dr. to run the scanner over just to make sure everything is fine and then we’ll see you back in a few weeks for your 12 week scan as usual”  Nobody seems overly concerned so I start to relax.


This was soon followed by a slightly scary Dr.
“Everything seems fine here, nothing to worry about out. Oh… nurse are you seeing this? Looks like 2 to me!”



…and there began my journey to Twin Motherhood (once I’d picked my jaw up off the floor!)
After 36 weeks of a very round pregnancy and just gone 2 years of utter chaos, cuddles a lot of winging and a lot of love and I still can’t believe that I was blessed with 2!


Of course having 2 babies at the same time comes with its own set of challenges too! One of my biggest fears about having 2 is that we would all miss out on a lot of the ‘normal’ Mother and baby bonding experiences that others got to do. Groups were a particularly daunting prospect for me but I was stubborn and determined, and after a few set backs, tantrums (mine) tears (theirs) the 3 of us found our rhythm and never looked back!


If I was to give any new mother any piece of advice it would be to take it slowly, be kind to yourself and find something social that works for you!

Cara Kalma Baby Stockton