They say if you love what you do then you’ll never work a day in your life, and they are right!!

I spent the last 10 years taking my children to all sorts of baby groups from massage to gymnastics to rugby. I loved giving them the opportunity to try different activities and getting out and socialising with other mums and babies made the sometimes overwhelmingly long days much more manageable! I often thought about what I would like to do with my life when the children all started school, I knew I would still want to be able to do the school runs and be around with the kids in the school holidays. I also knew that I would love to work with babies and children and my own interests lie in yoga and wellbeing so I began to connect the dots and discovered the wonderful Kalma Baby franchise.

From the moment I made the first contact with Kalma Baby HQ I knew this seemed like such a warm and welcoming team with amazing support networks and that I would just love to become a part of it.

The idea of running my own business was both exciting and scary! I loved the thought of the flexibility it offers and being a part of Kalma Baby means you’re never on your own, there’s always a friendly answer to even the most crazy questions!

The training was great fun and so informative, but just as I was ready to start my first classes, the lockdown began! Had I been setting up this business alone this would have probably stopped me before I got started but with the support and guidance of the HQ and other franchisees, I’ve felt confident enough to keep going and following all the guidelines I managed to get my first classes started in September.

The mums and babies coming to class are so happy to get out and about with their babies in these strange times and to see other people going through the same things you are is amazing for mental health and wellbeing besides the physical benefits gained from the baby yoga.

I can honestly say I totally love what I do so here’s to ‘never working a day in my life!!’

Cassie Custus Kalma Baby Beverley and East Yorkshire