Benefits of Pre-Natal Yoga

Learning to relax is important in effectively managing stress and anxiety in any person. When we feel stressed, our bodies react with what is called the “fight or flight” response. Our muscles become tense, our heart and respiration rates increase, and other physiological systems become taxed. During pregnancy this becomes crucial as not relaxing can lead to health issues in your pregnancy. Relaxation during pregnancy can reduce the effects of fatigue and tiredness caused by stress. Less aches and pains are felt, as these can be due to increased muscle tension. Blood pressure may be reduced by practicing relaxation. Not only are the effects of relaxation important to mum but they benefit your unborn baby hugely too. Your baby will gain a more relaxed Mum and enjoy the benefits of less physical tension within the body during pregnancy.
Within Kalmamama classes we focus on visualisation, mindfulness, gentle stretches and breathing techniques that can be used in pregnancy to help lower anxieties reducing low mood in pregnancy. Also our vision is to create a space where mothers to be can have 1-1 time connecting with their unborn babies, thus promoting the bonding process.

Benefits of a KalmaMamas class include:

    • Promoting mindfulness and visualisation in pregnancy can be helpful in increasing feelings of being in control, and connect mothers to their unborn babies which in-turn creates positive maternal bonding and attachment in the antenatal and postnatal period.
    • Mindfulness in pregnancy helps to put all attention into what is actually happening in the present moment within body, womb and the growing baby.
    • Relief of muscle tension through relaxation, say good bye to the aches and pains!
      The effects of fatigue can be overcome with relaxation techniques like breathing, it also will help stress levels
    • Mental relaxation through visual imagery can help you overcome the problem of negative imagination, which has a counterproductive effect on your health. By focusing regularly on positive imagination, you get habituated to it and the positive health effect is reinforced.
    • Blood pressure can be managed better by certain relaxation techniques.
    • Gentle stretches which are included can help benefit the pelvic floor and thigh muscles all of which are used in pregnancy and labour.
The techniques we use such as visualisation and breathing will benefit mum during labour such as

  • Helping as a coping mechanism for pain, breathing through contractions and using visual imagery
  • Relaxation gives you greater energy by conserving it, and during labour you need lots of energy
  • It will help guide you through resting periods during contractions
  • Helps you to focus through affirmations and cope with strategies through labour letting it progress easily