Fantastic Children’s Yoga Classes

We offer a variety of holistic therapy children’s yoga classes at Kalma baby to help aid your infants development and help with minor ailments, all classes follow EYFS framework and SEN guidelines. They are structured and have a relaxing but fun environment. For more information on all of our children’s yoga classes please see below:

Kalma Developmental Massage

From 6 weeks or head holding up to standing. Massage with a twist of development aiding techniques, and an introduction to yoga.  Children benefit immensely from this therapy. Massage can help with sleeplessness, colic, constipation, digestion, stiffness and floppiness along with developmental delay. Our sessions show the correct use of massage to develop circulatory and breathing rhythms, introduce easy tummy time for older babies, develop muscle strength and flexibility whilst relieving some common ailments.  Sessions will also teach the correct way to introduce and help aid sitting and standing. You will learn the correct oils to use for massage, and learn easy massage sequences including singing, playing, kissing and talking. It is a lovely bonding experience for parent and infant. Usually ran in 5 week block sessions.

Kalma Baby Yoga: From 6 weeks to 6 month (sitting unaided)

After a health check is completed our baby yoga classes can be started we offer a relaxed but fun environment where classes are delivered using yoga inspired stretches. Classes are structured to offer 45 minutes of yoga as well as some lovely relaxation at the end-which is always well earned! We use music, song and rhyme during sessions along with lots of sensory props. There are stretches for mum during sessions, and together stretches but primarily we focus on the infants. Baby yoga has so many benefits such as helps with colic, digestion and confidence…please see our benefits page for more information. Ran in 5/6/7 week block sessions.

Kalma Baby Yoga: From 6 month (sitting unaided) to crawling

Once sitting unaided is established a progressive move can come into this class where the pace is faster and little ones are introduced to more yoga inspired stretches that are age appropriate. The same structure surrounds these classes as the younger class previous, but at a more advanced level for little ones. The focus is on balance coordination and reaching milestones. Ran in 5/6/7 week block sessions.

Kalma Toddler Yoga: Crawling (9 month) and wobbly walking (16-18 month to 24 month approx)

Once crawling is established your infant will need a much more engaging group which is both stimulating and beneficial. Our Kalma Toddler yoga classes provide both in all sessions. Learning new yoga stretches from downward dogs to handstands as well as a high degree of fitness and developmental activities. Often a group activity is a focus with a prop or a story during sessions. We keep the same approach as all other Kalma baby yoga classes with music songs and props and they are structured in the same way with 45 minutes of yoga, and relaxation at the end. Ran in 5/6/7 week block sessions.

Kalma Toddler Yoga: Established walking 2 to 3 years

Toddler yoga is a mixture of  yoga, dance and gymnastic elements. All are inspired stretches and moves to song and music. Still the use of props but focusing in detail on balance, coordination and motor skills. Classes are structured so all elements are covered in 45 minutes but we focus on an area of development each week. Parents are encouraged to get involved and help support their toddlers in sessions. Cool down and relaxation are both a favourite still!

Kalma Twilight sessions: 6 month to crawling and crawling to 2 years

Specialist sessions solely based around techniques to help your little one sleep. We study and practice massage, calming techniques, breathing, relaxation and inversions. You will learn sequences inspired through yoga which help with deeper sleeping, improve concentration and help relax your little ones. Sessions are 45 minutes, include sensory props, songs and music to help with ambiance.

Kalma Junior yoga: 4-12 years

Our children today are now starting face just as many emotional, mental, spiritual and physical challenges in their lives as an adult would.   Children face pressures in school such as homework, pressure to compete with others (sport and academically) endless activities after school, over scheduling and poor nutrition. All of which are contributing factors towards stress in their lives.  Teaching yoga to children can help develop better body awareness, self-control, flexibility and coordination. The skills in which they inherit from yoga can also be applied in to their daily routines and school work. During a typical Kalma Junior class children can enjoy a variety of safe postures, and to look after their bodies in a fun and innovative manner. We promote participation of each child by introducing children to yoga games and partner work which encourages team work whilst developing coordination and creative thinking. In a typical session of 45 or 60 minutes we bring together a series of stretches, back arches, twists, balances, breathing and relaxation. All of which help strengthen and support children, physically and mentally. They build-up confidence and concentration and also help them to sleep better.   Age groups are split 4-7 years and 8-12 years, privately. We teach children’s yoga to 10-16 children in a class and in schools 20-30 children depending on room sizes and age group. Classes are led without parents present (can be discussed in circumstances).

Kalma Minds (12-18 years)

Being a teenager is a time of huge change and stress and they need to be given tools to learn to deal with these emotions.

Classes are typically an hour long and consist of yoga poses linked together into flows which gradually build up to become more complex and include the use of the breath. They also incorporate mindfulness, visualisation and relaxation, not only within the class but to teach techniques that can be used in every day life. We can also provide sessions on specific themes such as anger release, self esteem and much more.

Autism Friendly (4-18 years)

Our fabulous Kalma yoga classes designed especially for those on the autistic spectrum to enjoy. From the venue, music and lighting, to preparing and making them feel welcome, these sessions still offer all the benefits of a yoga class for their age group but in an environment the yogis can feel safe. It is well known that children with autism gain a great deal from physical activity and in yoga they can push themselves and also learn techniques to help them with the frustrations that daily life can sometimes bring.