“It’s been such a lovely experience taking part in Eve’s 4 week course. I love having ‘me’ time to relax, stretch out and bond with my bump! As well as meeting other ladies with their bumps to share experiences, tips and advice, it’s an hour of the week I really look forward to where I can really focus on becoming a Mam and wind down from the busyness of everyday life. Eve has some great insights into your pregnancy and makes the session very personal and welcoming. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and will be booking on again for the later stages of my pregnancy. I would highly recommend it – oh also you HAVE to buy Eve’s relaxing pillow spray, it’s amazing and my partner loves it too.”

Lyndsey Britton

“I thoroughly enjoy KalmaMamas class. I leave every week feeling very relaxed and floaty! I love the thoughtful information that Eve beings to the class such as what to expect for what trimester you’re in and the page provides informative and fun little updates about pregnancy (I currently have a squash in my belly). I enjoy it so much I wish I could get another course in after this one but my baby will have arrived by then! A welcome addition to the few antenatal classes that are available in the area.”

Jayne Rudd

“So glad I booked to do the course – I’ve loved every minute. Even taking an hour a week to focus on me and bump would have been worth it, but the classes have given me techniques to breathe and relax, as well as gentle yoga-style positions and stretches that I know will help me during labour. Eve is very knowledgeable, supportive and reassuring. Couldn’t recommend it enough!”

Sarah Johnson

“Went for my first kalma mamas session with Eve today. I was made to feel totally welcome and Eve made sure I knew what I was doing as I had missed the previous session. I felt totally relaxed afterwards and learnt some exercises to help ease my SPD. I have booked for the 4 week course in September which I am really looking forward to. ”

Amy Borril

“Absolutely loving Kalma mamas! Lovely relaxing classes that cover a range of stretches, breathing techniques and movements that help throughout pregnancy. I look forward to the classes every week and come out feeling calm, positive and always have a fab nights sleep!”

Sarah Byrant-King