Yoga in Schools

Yoga can be brought to yur school for as little as £2 a head! Kalma Baby Ltd has now been running in the North East since 2014, with teacher training accredited by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and CPD Standards and we are approved by Westminster Indemnity. For the third year running we have been nominated as Best Local Activity for the Under 5s, and were finalists this year in the Kallikids Awards for Best Mum and Baby Service and are now expanding into education settings. We currently offer classes throughout the North East teaching from 6 weeks to 18 years and we have helped to develop around 20000 babies and children since we began.

Yoga for children is becoming popular as a way to helping children to feel more comfortable and confident with their bodies. A child who learns yoga, mindfulness and relaxation will develop essential skills for a lifetime of health and wellness. With benefits such as:

· Body; promoting development of the vestibular system, encouraging midline crossing, strong flexible body, develops core and essential for correct physical alignment and good posture

· Mind; calms us and bring us to the present moment, relieves tension and stress, increases concentration and focus and attention span, promotes creative thinking and memory

· Spirit; builds confidence and self-esteem, supports character development and emotional intelligence, enhance team spirit and social interaction, develops discipline and self-control

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Recommend us to your school!

Help your local school children to have yoga fun with serious benefits, and even you benefit too! If the school books a term or a full day session with us, you can enjoy a term of Kalma Baby, Toddler or Junior yoga on us. During a typical Kalma Junior class children can enjoy a variety of safe postures, and to look after their bodies in a fun and innovative manner. We promote participation of each child by introducing children to yoga games and partner work which encourages team work whilst developing coordination and creative thinking. Recommend us to yours, your child’s or your local school Make yoga fun with serious developmental benefits Terms and conditions: Schools need to book a term of classes (minimum of 6 sessions) or a full day workshop and tell us that you recommended us to qualify. You will receive a full term of yoga for you and your child up to the value of £33.

Free Anti bullying Yoga session during Anti bullying week
Our yoga sessions create accepting environments for our children as we believe this helps children feel welcomed and valued. Kalma Juniors offers an inclusive yoga program for primary aged children which can give a great sense of belonging.

Kalma Juniors supports the Anti-Bullying Alliance and we are taking part in Anti-Bullying Week 13th – 17th November. Our ethos is to be completely inclusive and we want to pass that on to the next generation too. Yoga can start children on journey to lifelong health and wellbeing, helps them to be empowered, comfortable in their own skin and work with others and these sessions will focus on celebrating the differences in all of us. During the 45 minute free session children will experience sequences of yoga postures, breathing and mindfulness. Children will can learn techniques to use in everyday life situations. Contact us for a free session in your school during the week of national anti bullying.